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I have been told by a fellow immigration barrister that my last post lacked gravitas and sacrificed political critique in favour of sloppy invective. I apologise and will try to do better. To a green field in South Yorkshire, they came. Bacon sandwiches in hand. They would cut UK immigration  to 20%, they roared, encourage discrimination against non-British Workers, turn away foreigners arriving at borders without ID, and exile released prisoners from their former neighbourhoods. They stood up for the Great British Values against the liberal lefties (who, by the way virtually encouraged the abuse of white girls by Asian men). They cheered their (mono)culture spokesman Peter Whittle who berated multiculturalism. They stood to hear from the B&B owners who bravely turned a gay couple away from their inn. They Made England Proud. This was the UKIP’s annual conference at Doncaster Racecourse. God Save the Queen. Not everyone holds that particular basket of views- this is after all a free country (for the moment). Simon Walker, Director General of the Institute of Directors (den of Reds and liberal lefties) commented: …if it were to succeed in pulling the UK out of Europe, and bar immigration from the continent entirely… it would be economic lunacy. Free trade, access to foreign investment and skills from across the world are key to UK’s prosperity. UKIP’s immigration plan is a nightmarish vision of stagnation and irrelevance for Britain… . For the similar views of other people much cleverer and more articulate than I, read here.


Immigration Lawyer Jeremy Chipperfield, practising from the chambers of Michael Mansfield QC, Chancery Lane, also writes at Immigration Barrister website iBarristersChambers

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