National Audit Office’s Gift to Anti- Immigration Lobby

The National Audit Office today publishes a report addressing the highly divisive issue of foreign criminals and the cost to the nation (and limited effect) of the Home Office’s attempts to deal with them. It reports: The Home Office has made slower progress than expected in managing foreign national offenders, despite increased resources and tougher powers.

The NAO is the independent Parliamentary body responsible for auditing government agencies (including central government)-  it carries out Value for Money audit into the administration of public policy. Its report Managing and Removing Foreign National Offenders, notes: 17% of the foreign criminals living in the community have absconded (including 58 “high harm” individuals); in 2014/15 management and removal of foreign national offenders has averaged public bodies around £70,000 per offender; it takes 319 days to deport offenders; and all of this despite an around 800% increase in Home Office staff working on foreign national offenders.

Amyas Morse, of the NAO, whilst recognising the difficulty of the problems (including cunning UK immigration barristers determined to prevent disruption and effective punishment of offender families), commented: too little progress has been made, despite the increased resources and effort devoted to this problem.

In an effort to deflect criticism and attack another favourite target, Immigration and Security Minister James Brokenshire said: The countless appeals and re-appeals lodged by criminals attempting to cheat the system cost us all money and are an affront to British Justice. So, once again, it is the fault of immigration lawyers!

Expect more jubilant response from the anti immigration lobby today- including those that are responsible for the failings identified in the report (well, its so much more agreeable to point the finger at your enemies than to accept valid criticism).

The full report can be found here —-> NAO- Foreign Criminals

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